Reflexology - Confident Feet

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the organs, glands, and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way.


In the practical application of reflexology specific techniques are applied to the reflex points on the feet and /or hands thus improving blood lymph and nerve circulation, in turn the body relaxes, and the organs and glands are balanced. The skilled application of these precise techniques affects not only the physiological, but treats the whole person, thereby stimulating the body's own healing potential.


Over 75% of health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension; reflexology treatment relieves stress and tension and restores vitality. Suitable for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly,for pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which works on the feet to help heal the whole person, not just the prevailing symptoms.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. After having completed a course of Reflexology treatments for a specific condition, many people find it a beneficial way to maintain health and well-being.


Reflexology has been shown to be effective for:


Back pain




Sleep disorders

Sports injuries

Hormonal imbalances

Digestive disorders

Stress-related conditions


I have specialist training in palliative care, maternity care, subfertility care, stress management and hand reflexology.

Reflexology Prices

All sessions are for one hour which includes a 10-15 minute consultation


Mobile Reflexology in the comfort of your own home (South East London area covered)


PRICE: £50

Payment can be made in cash or via Paypal.




Reflexology appointments are on hold due to the current guidelines around Covid19. 

Sean, Antenatal Class SE19

Amy's course was excellent and her teaching sublime! It was relaxed, fun, very informative and gave us the confidence to deal with whatever would happen.  Not just the standard course material but, more importantly, the extra bits - anecdotes and tit bits.

David, Antenatal Class SE19

I loved Amy's honesty and obvious passion for what she does. She oozes enthusiasm and encouraged us to discuss options available to us so that we could have the best possible birth experience. I am very grateful to Amy as I had been terrified about birth before the classes, but afterwards I was calm.

Claire, Hypnobirthing Course SE27

For my 2nd pregnancy I chose a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean).  My second birth was an amazing empowering hypnobirth. Which left me feeling incredibly elated and emotional. Our daughter was born completely naturally. To anyone considering a hypnobirth, I would say don’t think twice about it, as I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Penny, Hypnobirthing Course SE23

We did Amy's group hypnobirthing course and we were looking forward to our birth, but our son was breech so a caesarean was the only safe option.  Amy did another session with us, which focused on having a calm caesarean birth.  Before the session I was terrified but on the day of the caesarean, the midwife had to wake us up as we'd both dozed off, we were so relaxed!!  So the birth wasn't as we'd anticipated but it was wonderful!

Lucy, Baby Massage & Reflexology SE19

I did Amy's baby massage course when my son was 8 weeks old.  It was wonderful spending an hour each week in a calm, relaxed environment where I could focus on him.  Amy makes everyone welcome and the strokes we learnt I still use and he absolutely loves massage time!  I also had several reflexology treatments with Amy post birth as I was suffering with a bad back.  The sessions were wonderful and my back improved a few sessions.  She has magic hands!