NCT Testimonials

Kate and Alex
We were so lucky to have the introduction to labour and eventual parenting from someone as warm and easy to be around as Amy. Labour became something I didn't dread but was ready to tackle with a "bring it on" sort of attitude. Equally for my husband, who quite literally had to look away when I had blood taken at my initial booking appointment, became a cord cutting master, and the most important person, for me, in my birthing room. He knew exactly when I needed him to speak up, and more importantly exactly when I needed him to shut up! For both of us it was something to share in our first pregnancy that made both of us view things from the others perspective, and it gave us a sense of what our roles would be, but also what those roles might make us feel like. It wasn't just parent education it was partner appreciation which is ultimately something that's helped us along the way during the months post pregnancy. Amy's positivity, warmth, knowledge and sense of humour are all part of what make her a brilliant person to learn from and make the imminent arrival of your little one something you are well prepared for, which is invaluable.

Dom and Ruth
Amy teaches in a very relaxed, friendly and hands on way. We really enjoyed the classes and they gave us the knowledge and confidence to have a natural birth. I would absolutely recommend Amy's classes to absolutely anyone, many thanks.

Amy's NCT course was excellent and her teaching sublime! It was relaxed, fun, very informative and gave us the confidence to deal with whatever would happen. So when our son Garvey arrived without the midwife in attendance I felt confident and able to cope because of the confidence I had gained from Amy's classes - not just the standard course material but, more importantly, the extra bits - anecdotes and tit bits.


My experience with Amy as my NCT teacher was great! I looked forward to going to the sessions every week and they were always interesting, I always learned something I never knew and they were fun. My labour was long so all the breathing techniques I had learned and knowing about oxytocin was priceless. My husband was amazing during our home birth and some of that was down to what he had learned by attending Amy's sessions!


What a wonderful class and Amy is a brilliant teacher who obviously loves what she does. Very knowledgeable and warm.

Amy's course was fantastic. There was no bias to information, it was extremely informative and allowed me to come to my own decisions. Highly recommend to all new parents to be.

I was a bit sceptical when my wife booked NCT classes but I really enjoyed them and found everything so useful. I learnt so much and considered options which would not have occurred to me if I hadn't done the course, including deciding on a home birth which was wonderful and something I wouldn't have had to confidence to support my wife with before the classes. Thank you Amy.

I felt so comfortable during the classes and didn't feel embarrassed to ask what I thought were stupid questions. After the classes everything had become real but I felt so prepared and confident.

I loved Amy's honesty and obvious passion for what she does. She oozes enthusiasm and encouraged our group to discuss options available to us so that we could have the best possible birth experience. I am very grateful to Amy as I had been terrified about birth before the classes, but afterwards I was calm as I understand what would happen.

The classes taught me so much and I am now much more relaxed for the big day.

I got a great deal from Amy's classes, the group interaction and the way the information was shared was great. I am looking forward to welcoming our twins!

I loved learning about the process of labour, thinking and considering all the choices as well as weighing up the benefits and risks attached to each choice. I enjoyed learning with others, meeting new people and the interactive and different learning styles. In fact I loved all of it!

I had a really valuable experience learning about labour, birth and early parenthood - I would definitely recommend to other parents.