Hypnobirthing Testimonials

I was overjoyed to give birth to a gorgeous, healthy boy, my beautiful first born but the labour and postnatal experience left me feeling very unsatisfied and low. When I became pregnant again with our daughter I was once again thrilled, but was very nervous about going through a tough experience again. A friend suggested Hypnobirthing and we attended the classes. The classes made me feel empowered, calm and relaxed about giving birth again. Each time I would feel the fear creeping back into my thoughts I used the techniques and tools learned in the classes. I went on to have a wonderful birthing experience, a million miles away from the first experience. I would recommend Hypnobirthing to any mother-to-be - especially those who are feeling particularly nervous about giving birth.

I was recommended to try Hypnobirthing by my mother in law who runs a holistic therapy centre. Having used hypnotherapy for health reasons successfully previously, I decided to investigate how it may be able to help me in childbirth. My husband and I opted for group sessions as I saw it as an opportunity to create a network of people who I could share the journey of pregnancy with The sessions made me feel completely relaxed about the birth and actually quite excited to experience it! My birthing experience was calm, controlled, drug free and exactly as we had planned. My son Toby was alert and extremely chilled out as a result of the birth and I really can't recommend having a Hypnobirth more highly!

For my 2nd pregnancy I chose a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) Natural Home Birth, after my first was an elected caesarean due to my son being breech. My second birth was an amazing empowering hypnobirth. Which left me feeling incredibly elated and emotional. Our daughter was born completely naturally in the comfort of our home making this birth the most memorable experience for me to date. To anyone considering a hypnobirth, I would say don’t think twice about it, as I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

I decided to give Hypnobirthing a try as I liked the idea of a natural labour, but also as much as anything I feared the thought of an epidural. Studying Hypnobirthing before having my first child allowed me to feel more in control, it gave me a distraction through labour and ensured I stayed calm and focused. Whilst the labour wasn't entirely pain free, I feel that using the techniques I learned in Hypnobirthing helped me to avoid pain relief or any intervention which was my main aim. It also kept me calm in the few months before giving birth. I felt it helped so much that I used the techniques again with my second baby, and had a calm water birth at home.

The course was worth every penny spent and more.  I had the most wonderful experience and I am looking forward to doing it all again!

The hypnobirthing classes covered so much and gave me the confidence to support my wife during labour. I especially liked all the information on encouraging a calm environment and the relaxation techniques we learnt which without doubt helped my wife to have a natural birth, something which she would not have considered possible before.



For me, hypnobirthing was such an amazing experience. It wasn't until meeting new friends on whilst on maternity leave with my first baby, that I really started to engage with the idea of having a hypnobirth. As soon as I  became pregnant with my second child, it seemed a natural choice to pursue. Hypnobirthing helped me to feel in control and calm from the start of the surges, to our child being born. That I'd birthed my child without any drugs or intervention left me feeling so empowered, elated and confident in myself as a mother. My little boy was so calm when he met the world (proud mum !!!) My partner was as equally elated as me, as he'd been able to take an more active part in the birth, helping me to maintain a meditative state at key points. Even the midwife, who had never attended a hypnobirth before, was converted! It was amazing - thoroughly reccomend it.


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