About Me

My name is Amy and I live in Crystal Palace with my husband and two young boys.  Having had a career in the City, I wanted to do something more fulfilling after I had had my children.  So I set up Confident Birth as I am completely passionate about working with and supporting parents-to-be and new parents. It is such a privilege to play a part in each incredible journey.


Confident Birth offers hypnobirthing, antenatal education (NCT and private) and baby massage courses in Crystal Palace SE19 and across South East and South West London, Croydon and Kent.  See below for the full list of areas I cover.  I also offer Reflexology sessions.

My Training

I am a fully qualified NCT Antenatal Teacher having obtained a 3 year Diploma in Antenatal Education from the University of Bedfordshire and teach NCT Signature courses as well as private antenatal classes to couples and small groups.

I am a Hypnobirthing Practitioner having trained with Katharine Graves in 2013 and completing the Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course, which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  Having supported hundreds of couples over the years, in 2018 I decided to join The Little Birth Company (LBC).  LBC offers a fantastic hypnobirthing programme and is passionate about empowering couples in this very special journey just like I am and I am thrilled to be a part of their family.


I am a fully qualified CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) having trained with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).  The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), Complimentary Therapists Association and Embody.


I am a fully qualified Reflexologist having trained with the Reflexology Academy in London.  I have obtained a Level 5 qualification, the highest level of reflexology training in the UK.


I am a member of the NCT, LBC, IAIM, AIMS and Professional Reflexology.

My Journey

When I found out we were expecting our first baby, I didn't really know much about birth or babies, but I was convinced that I would be fine; millions of women had done it before me so what was there to worry about?  My pregnancy was straight-forward and "I have a high pain threshold anyway!" I naively thought!  We were recommended an NCT antenatal course to prepare for what was to come.  But when my labour started, I just didn't feel prepared at all and after a very long labour, two nights with no sleep and feeling exhausted our son was born but it wasn't the birth I had envisaged.  We were both 'ok' but I struggled with breastfeeding, recovery was harder than I thought and it was all pretty miserable.  I'd had images whilst pregnant of enjoying those early days but that just wasn't my reality...the birth was tough, the sleepless nights stole 'me' and I found being a Mum tougher than I'd ever imagined.  Having a baby had always been a dream and I thought I'd just love every moment, but I struggled and that really shocked me. 


So when I became pregnant again, I really wanted to have a calm and positive birth experience and I wanted to enjoy those early days as much as possible.  So I started researching and I stumbled across hypnobirthing.  I was put-off by the name but a few friends had done a course and had raved about it.  So I thought 'why not?', my husband and I found a local course and I began to believe that birth could be different from my previous experience.  We practiced all the techniques and enjoyed having a special time to focus on this pregnancy. 


My second birth was so different, it was such a positive experience: calm, quick, relaxed and I actually enjoyed it.  It really was empowering!  My husband felt a part of it too, unlike our first birth where he just stood, exhausted and helpless.  This time he took charge, we owned our birth and it was so wonderful welcoming our second son into the world: we were all calm, peaceful and happy.  Such a great start to our family.


My experiences have inspired and driven me to support other parents-to-be become confident as they approach birth and parenthood. I want all parents-to-be to have the knowledge and confidence to have the most positive experience they can, irrespective of what turn their birth journey takes.  I am now thrilled that I can support others at such a special time.  I support women and their birth partners whether it's their first time or they have had a baby or babies before, whether they are planning a vaginal or caesarean birth, a home or hospital birth, it doesn't matter...birth is birth.  To guide a couple in their special journey watching them grow in confidence and trusting themselves, each other and their baby, is just magical!


As a new mum, baby massage was recommended to me and I did a course with both of my sons, I found the sessions hugely beneficial.  It helped me to gain confidence as a new mum, to bond and interact with them and gave us special time together.  I still use the techniques on my sons (adapted of course!) and it still amazes me how calm and relaxed they become during and afterwards.

Locations covered:


Brockley, Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park (SE4)

Camberwell (SE5)

Hither Green and Lewisham (SE6 & SE13)

Peckham and Nunhead (SE15)

Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill (SE19)

Penge and Anerley (SE20)

Dulwich Village, East Dulwich and West Dulwich (SE21 & SE22)

Tulse Hill (SE23)

Herne Hill (SE24)

South Norwood (SE25)

Sydenham (SE26)

West Norwood (SE27)


Beckenham, Bromley and Croydon

Sean, Antenatal Class SE19

Amy's course was excellent and her teaching sublime! It was relaxed, fun, very informative and gave us the confidence to deal with whatever would happen.  Not just the standard course material but, more importantly, the extra bits - anecdotes and tit bits.

David, Antenatal Class SE19

I loved Amy's honesty and obvious passion for what she does. She oozes enthusiasm and encouraged us to discuss options available to us so that we could have the best possible birth experience. I am very grateful to Amy as I had been terrified about birth before the classes, but afterwards I was calm.

Claire, Hypnobirthing Course SE27

For my 2nd pregnancy I chose a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean).  My second birth was an amazing empowering hypnobirth. Which left me feeling incredibly elated and emotional. Our daughter was born completely naturally. To anyone considering a hypnobirth, I would say don’t think twice about it, as I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Penny, Hypnobirthing Course SE23

We did Amy's group hypnobirthing course and we were looking forward to our birth, but our son was breech so a caesarean was the only safe option.  Amy did another session with us, which focused on having a calm caesarean birth.  Before the session I was terrified but on the day of the caesarean, the midwife had to wake us up as we'd both dozed off, we were so relaxed!!  So the birth wasn't as we'd anticipated but it was wonderful!

Lucy, Baby Massage & Reflexology SE19

I did Amy's baby massage course when my son was 8 weeks old.  It was wonderful spending an hour each week in a calm, relaxed environment where I could focus on him.  Amy makes everyone welcome and the strokes we learnt I still use and he absolutely loves massage time!  I also had several reflexology treatments with Amy post birth as I was suffering with a bad back.  The sessions were wonderful and my back improved a few sessions.  She has magic hands!